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Apartments for rent in Riga

You have searched for Apartments for rent in: Riga . More info about apartments for rent in Riga.
You have searched for Apartments for rent in: Riga . More info about apartments for rent in Riga.

Useful to know when you are looking for apartment in Riga

Riga is the largest of the 3 baltic capitals, and is therefore known as the cosmopolitan centre of the Baltics. Riga gives off a pristine environment as it’s surrounded by the stunning gulf by the same name of the city and large areas of forest right outside the city borders.

Riga is perfect if you are living on a budget and need affordable housing, yet won’t compromise on the culture and bustling energy from the city life. The housing opportunities consist of both new and modern apartments, but also authentic and older apartments with character.

Riga is known for its highly artistic scene, and is home to many famous museums and galleries such as the Live silver Museum, or more historical focused museums like the Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust museum and the Museum of the Barricades of 1991. There are also a broad variety of musical and literary events you can attend during the week. The gastronomical scene in Riga has a reputation of being experimental, which means a lot of people come to the city with the intention of trying new exciting food. Additionally Riga is home to many sporting events such as basketball, ice hockey and football.

Riga is rated well in terms of safety, which makes the city a perfect spot for families who wish for a bit of the bustling city in their everyday life, but also rank safety highly. 

In the old part of town, narrow streets will lead you through admirable elderly architecture, with many colors and sizes. Cafés and stores drape the streets with liveliness. You’ll find everything you need in terms of food in Riga central market, which consists of four large cylinders with a broad variety of different kinds of food. Here you’ll find everyone to be acquainted with each other as well, instantly giving off a very homelike sensation. Even though northern europe is known for its introverted culture, the latvians will gladly take you in as one of their own. 

The climate in Riga is nice and comfortable, without any significant risks of tough weather conditions, and an average of 21 degrees celsius in summer and -2 in the wintertime. There’s plenty of nature close by the city as well. Riga is perfect for the average person, wishing to experience loads of art, foods, and nature, but at an affordable living cost.


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What types of housing are there in Riga?

In Riga you will find rentals. You can choose between apartments, rooms or houses for rent. Click to see all available housing.

Can I search for housing in Riga by size and price?

Yes, you can. On our search site for Riga you can filter your search by size, price, area etc.

How do I find housing in Riga?

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How much does housing cost in Riga?

Prices on housing in Riga depends on factors such as size, price and location. Click here to see prices on housing in Riga.