Where the housing comes from

The database with housing mainly consist of Web addresses to vacant housing on the internet.

deliver a rather unique service where Housing seekers can get an overview of vacant housing in the EU, and where Landlords can get an overview over Housing seekers that are actively searching for housing in the EU.

A central part of The Service is a housing search engine, which is primary created by robot crawling and indexing of many hundereds of websites, containing thousands of housings, many times daily. It is emphasized that generally there is no agreement about crawling with the landlords which we refer to. Only a small amount of the housing in the search engine is created directly by landlords that are registered on The Service.

The robot crawler collects a small amount of data that the users can see in the search engine. When the users wants to know more they are linked to the original source where they can get more information and contact the landlord.

With this service a constantly updated overview with vacant housing is delivered, where paying users get access to the whole database. This means that housing seekers from the whole world looking for new housing in European countries saves a lot of time that should otherwise be used to find all relevant websites and constantly search these for new housing.

Our goal is to gather as many housing rentals as possible and to make the search engine as complete as possible, to give our users as comprehensive an overview of vacant housing rentals as possible. The housing in the Search Engine come from all different kind of sources that we see as satisfactory, including real estate agents, real estate companies, housing associations (publicly available housing), potentially housing advertised on other housing portals and potentially housing advertised on social media. In addition, housing swap is also included. We only include housing where you can contact the landlord directly (possibly after registration). We do not include housing where you need to make a purchase to identify the landlord.

We emphasize that The Service does not have an in-mail system. The Housing seeker is either linked to the website where the housing rental is found, or receives the contact details to the Landlord (in the cases where the housing rental is created directly by a user).

We emphasize, which is also described in our Terms of use, that errors in the search engine may occur. See the description of the reasons to errors here. On all housing rentals there is a reporting feature, where users can report data errors in the housing rental, or report if the source that is linked to does not work.

We also emphasize, that if there are special conditions that apply to a given search result, this is written both on the page with the overview of the search results, and on the given search result.