Where the rentals come from

The accommodations in the search engine are mainly search results, where a smaller amount of data is provided, and where there is being linked to the websites where the available accommodations have been created and advertised.

It is emphasized that the search engine does not allow hidden landlords and therefore has no inmail-system. Instead the search results links to the external website where the accommodation is found (if the accommodation is created manually, the contact info of the accommodation provider is received. It is furthermore emphasized, like described in our terms, that are confirmed at the time of creation of a user profile, that there can be errors in the search engine. On all accommodations there is a reporting feature, where a user can report data errors in the ad, or if the source there is linked to does not work. 

Our goal is to give as comprehensive an overview of the housing rental market as possible. The accommodations in the search engine are collected from many sources, including real estate agents, real estate companies, housing associations (publicly available business premises), potentially premises advertised on other portals, and potentitally premises posted on social media, are included. Linking to sources where payment and/or membership is required may occur.  A smaller amount of accommodations are  created directly by housing providers.

If there are special conditions that apply to an accommodation, this is written in the search results and the top of the accommodation. Also, the user must confirm that this is understood this by putting a tick in a box in order to move on in the flow. If the user does not check the checkbox, it it not possible to continue.