Find an error and receive a reward

If a user finds a significant difference between a search result and the original source - the website that we crawl, index and link to – the user will be rewarded with one week's free access to all our PremiumUser advantages. A significant difference might for example be: zip code, size and price.

Send us a mail where you:
Include a link to the search result on our website.
Include a link to the website that you are linked to.
Explain what the error is. 

As described in our terms and conditions, search engine errors cannot be completely eliminated. The challenge of eliminating errors completely from the search engine is a bit like supermarkets constantly struggling to remove expired items from the shelves. And just like a supermarket that rewards its customers if they find expired items, we reward our users if they find an error in the search engine. 

Our search robot crawls thousands of websites many times every day. This means that we can give our paying users a constantly upgraded database, consisting of web addresses to the sources of the housing for rent on the internet.

Our goal is that 99-100 percent of the search results in the search engine are correct in comparison with the sites that we crawl, index and link.

However, it is not possible to eliminate all errors. For example:
1: There can be errors on the websites that we crawl and index. These errors will then be reproduced in our search engine.
2: An ad can be removed from a website between two visits of our crawler robot. If our crawler robot, for example, checks a website at 12.00 and at 13.00 and the ad on the website that we crawl is taken down at 12.42, there will be 18 minutes where we link to a page that is no longer available.
3: An error can happen in our crawler if a website that we crawl is redesigned by the owner of the website. The error exists until we correct the crawler.

We have developed a number of systems and quality controls that ensure that we discover potential errors very quickly, but it is impossible to discover all errors immediately or before they happen.