PremiumUser benefits for housing seekers

When you upgrade to become a PremiumUser, which is an ongoing subscription, you get three benefits that are described below.

Benefit 1: Your Housing seeker ad is upgraded
You will get an upgraded Housing Seeker ad that is placed in the top of the search results and is free to request. This means that all landlords who have a user profile can contact you without paying for it. As a PremiumUser, you will thus receive more offers about unique housing for rent, since most landlords prefer finding a tenant directly, rather than having a public ad. A Housing Seeker ad can be compared to creating an ad in a newspaper, but the cost is much lower on

Benefit 2: You will get access to the whole housing search engine
You will get access to the whole housing search engine as a PremiumUser. With standard access, you will only get access to a small part of the search results in the database (the ones where the landlords have upgraded to be a PremiumUser).

Benefit 3: You will be notified quicker about new housing for rent
You will get quicker notice about new housing for rent on the market with PremiumUser access. You will thus have the possibility to be among the first to contact the landlord, potentially increasing your chances of getting the housing for rent.