Premiumuser benefits for housing seekers

As  a housing seeker you must be a premiumuser, which is an ongoing subscription, to receive most of our services. When you upgrade to premiumuser as a housing seeker you get 3 benefits that are described below.

Product-benefit 1: Your housing seeker ad is upgraded
As a premiumuser you get an upgraded housing seeker ad, that is highlighted, placed among the first in the search results, and made free to request, so the housing providers created as users can contact you without being charged a fee. The upgraded Housing seeker ad is a strong tool for the accommodation hunting, since many private housing providers do not wish to advertise their rentals, but prefer to find the coming tenant via the housing seeker-search engine. The housing seeker ad can be compared to advertising housing wishes in a newspaper, which is something a lot of people used to do in the past and many actually still do.

Product-benefit 2: You get access to the complete Housing Search Engine
You get access to all housing in the search engine, consisting of web adresses to available housing rentals found by the search robots. To give as comprehensive an overview of the housing market as possible, accommodations from many sources, including real estate agents, real estate companies (including publicly available rentals from housing associations, where membership may be needed) and potentially housing advertised on other housing portals (which may potentially include forward-linking to selected accommodations from other housing portals where payment and/or creation of a user profile potentially may be needed to get access to the housing provider’s contact info). On all accommodations there is a reporting feature, where a user can report data errors in the ad, or if the source there is linked to does not work. Only a few accommodations are created manually by created users. On all accommodations there is a reporting feature, where a user can report data errors in the ad, or if the source there is linked to does not work. If there are special conditions that apply to an accommodation, this is written in the search results and the top of the accommodation. Also, the user must confirm that this is understood this by putting a tick in a box in order to move on in the flow. If the user does not check the checkbox, it it not possible to continue.

Product-benefit 3: You are notified faster about new accommodations
As a premiumuser, your are notified faster when new accommodations are added to the database. This gives you the opportunity to contact the housing providers quicker, which can be an important factor to get the accommodation. A housing provider with an attractive rental will normallyh be contacted by many housing seekers and will quickly become tired by receiving a lot of requests. If you are among the first to contact the housing provider, you can make an impression while the housing provider is still active.