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Frequently asked questions

Statistics on the development of available apartments for rent in Portugal over the past month

Below you can see the development of available apartments for rent in Portugal over the past month. In the first column you see the date. In the second column you see the total amount of apartments for rent in Portugal on the date. In the third column you see the amount of new apartments in Portugal that was available for rent on the date. In the fourth column you see the amount of apartments in Portugal that was rented on the date. Also see aggregate statistics on all available apartments in Portugal over time, aggregate statistics on new apartments in Portugal over time, aggregate statistics on rented apartments in Portugal over time

Date All apartments for rent New apartments for rent Rented apartments
24. February 2024 1692 237 243
23. February 2024 1698 130 0
22. February 2024 1568 148 135
21. February 2024 1555 71 76
20. February 2024 1560 74 34
19. February 2024 1520 7 15
18. February 2024 1528 28 28
17. February 2024 1528 18 0
16. February 2024 1510 33 48
15. February 2024 1525 161 33
14. February 2024 1397 13 11
13. February 2024 1395 21 12
12. February 2024 1386 8 4
11. February 2024 1382 7 7
10. February 2024 1382 453 0
9. February 2024 929 31 218
8. February 2024 1116 101 621
7. February 2024 1636 97 76
6. February 2024 1615 30 52
5. February 2024 1637 15 9
4. February 2024 1631 35 45
3. February 2024 1641 65 65
2. February 2024 1641 70 61
1. February 2024 1632 123 127
31. January 2024 1636 61 56
30. January 2024 1631 20 27
29. January 2024 1638 32 0
28. January 2024 1606 50 81
27. January 2024 1637 68 60
26. January 2024 1629 104 74
25. January 2024 1599 69 0

What is an apartment?

An apartment is a private dwelling in a multi-story building. It can be a good choice to rent an apartment if you want to be close to the city and have access to public transportation. It is also a good place to live if you want to be close to other people.

It is often cheaper to live in an apartment than in a house, but it also has some downsides. For example, there are often limitations on how much you can change in your apartment. Additionally, there are often restrictions on how much noise you can make.

As a tenant in an apartment, you have the right to inhabit the apartment and use the facilities in the property such as attic space and courtyard. You are responsible for keeping the apartment in reasonable condition, and you must pay your rent on time.

Some of the most common types are 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartments, and 3-bedroom apartments. There are also larger apartments, such as 4-bedroom apartments, 5-bedroom apartments, and even up to six-bedroom apartments or more.

What are the benefits of renting a flat or studio in Portugal?

There can be several good reasons to choose a rental apartment over other types of housing. Here are some of the most important:

  • Flexibility: It is often more flexible to own than to rent an apartment, making it easier to move as needed, for example, in connection with job changes or changes in personal circumstances.
  • No maintenance costs: As a tenant, you are typically not responsible for the maintenance of the property, which can save you both time and money.
  • Economically affordable: Renting an apartment often requires a smaller upfront financial investment compared to buying a home. Moreover, you are not tied to a mortgage.
  • Access to facilities: Many apartment complexes offer access to communal facilities such as courtyards, laundry rooms, common areas, etc., which might not necessarily be economically accessible if you owned your own home.
  • Easier to move in: Rental apartments are often ready for move-in, which makes the moving process faster and less cumbersome compared to the process of buying a home.
  • Lower financial risk: As a tenant, you are protected against depreciation in the property market, as you do not own the property.
  • Simpler insurance requirements: The insurance requirements for tenants are often simpler and less costly than for homeowners.

If you are considering other types of housing, you can search for houses for rent or rooms for rent by clicking on the links.

How do you find an apartment for rent in Portugal?

Finding the right apartment generally requires good research and planning.

Start by defining your priorities, requirements, and needs - where should the apartment be located, how large should it be, what is your budget for rent, etc.

Once you know what kind of apartment you want, investigate the market for available ones to access a wide range of potential options.

Once you have identified the rental apartments you are interested in, contact the landlords to arrange a viewing. View several different apartments to have a good basis for comparison. Ask questions and take notes during the viewings. When you have found the apartment that best suits your desires and needs, contact the landlord immediately so that it doesn't get rented to someone else before you.

Get more good advice on searching for an apartment to rent in our guide: How to rent an apartment – the most important steps.

Find available apartments online in Portugal

You can filter your search and create automatic search agents for apartment for rent, which notify you about new available rental apartments that match your criteria. This gives you the opportunity to be one of the first to contact the landlord - thereby increasing your chances of being the one who rents the apartment.

Find cheap apartments in Portugal for rent

If you are looking for an economically affordable rental apartment, it requires extra effort on your part. You need to have many options to choose from, so you can select the cheapest rental apartment and negotiate the price with the landlord. You can achieve this by contacting as many landlords as possible: housing companies and property companies, administration companies, private landlords, real estate agents who facilitate rental apartments, etc.

Inform your network that you are looking for an apartment to rent, so they can assist you with the house hunting. Share your search on social media.

Once you have received offers from many different landlords, the next step is to negotiate the rental price. By keeping several options open and considering various landlords, you increase the chances of finding one who is willing to reduce the price to fit your budget. It is important that you indicate in your application that you would be a good and stable tenant, so the landlord sees an advantage in offering you a good rental price. If he is unwilling to reduce the price, he might agree to a lower deposit.

Choose a flat for rent in a well-maintained property

Your housing standard greatly affects your living standard. So when you are looking for an available apartment to rent, keep in mind that the home should be functional and situated in a well-maintained property with a high standard.

It is essential to ensure that the property's technical facilities are in good condition, including the heating system, ventilation, and plumbing. A reliable and maintained heating system along with a functioning ventilation system are essential to ensure a comfortable indoor climate for all residents.

It is also important that you check that the service providers who take care of the property’s maintenance – e.g., caretaker and cleaning service - maintain a high standard. Reliable and efficient service is central to ensuring a clean and inviting environment in the property.

Find flats in Portugal with the right size and layout

When choosing the new apartment you want to rent, it is vital that you ensure that the apartment meets both your current and future needs. The apartment should have a size and room distribution that suits your current life situation, as well as any future changes during the time you plan to live in the apartment, such as family expansion, thoughts of moving abroad, and subletting, etc.

Be aware that the layout and floor plan can have a significant impact not only on the physical space but also on your daily quality of life. The right environment can make it easier to create a home where you feel comfortable. So also consider what decorating options you want to have when you move into the apartment.

You can find more inspiration on how to decorate your apartment in our guide: Steps to furnish your apartment - Create a home that complements your lifestyle.

Use your common sense when looking for an apartment to rent

When you rent a home, it is very important that you check the landlord before you transfer money to the landlord. Always get legal help to review your lease before signing. Get an inspection of the property, check the landlord's background and get documentation of the landlord's right to rent the property before you sign or transfer money to the landlord. Most importantly: use your common sense.

We have collected a number of tips on what you should pay attention to in this guide: Check the landlord before renting a home.

Moving to a new rental apartment in Portugal

When you have decided to move to a new rental apartment, you need to start organizing the actual moving process from the current residence to the new apartment. There are many things you need to keep track of during the move. We have prepared this guide, which we hope can help you: Moving to an apartment checklist.

Apartment rental

If you have available apartments that you want to rent out or an apartment you want to highlight, you can find your new tenant through, which is one of Europe's leading online platforms for renting private homes, and we are used by both property administrators, property companies, real estate agents, housing associations, and others wishing to rent out available apartments.

When you advertise your available apartment on, it is exposed to a wide segment of tenants. Our tenants range from students and recent graduates to small families and older couples looking for new homes.

If you have an available rental apartment for rent, you can always create a housing ad directly here. You can also actively search for potential tenants here. Furthermore, you are more than welcome to contact us via email at [email protected] for a quick dialogue. We are ready to assist you with good advice for your rental.

We have created a guide that describes the rental process from A-Z for you: Rent out your apartment in a few simple steps.

Nice to know when you are searching for apartment in Portugal

The captivating pattern and colors of the Portuguese tiles, the contrast between the roaring sea and the calm, inviting waters, and the heavenly wine has attracted people to Portugal for several centuries. Portugal is a European country located on the Iberian peninsula surrounded entirely by Spain and the Ocean. Portugal covers an area of 92,212 square km and has a population of 10,347,892 (2021 census). 

Portugal’s history has been traced all the way back to 20000 years BC. Moving on forward, both the Celts, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians have all spent time constructing the Portugal we know of today. Architecture, gardens , town squares etc. have been well preserved through the rise and fall of these civilizations, which means Portugal is home to treasures in terms of historical sights. At the Unesco World Heritage Sites in Tomar, Belém, Alcobaça and Batalha, the narrow streets will trap you in a charming form of maze, and at the 20000 year old carvings you’ll lose track of time. 

As you wander through one of the many cities or villages, the concept of southern European charm will validate itself. Every small village is the proud owner of some sort of church, plaza or market, filled with ripe fruits and other fresh produce, where the locals gather to gossip and exchange hugs and chin kisses. The center is full of life and chatting until dinner-time, when the apartments and restaurants start spreading the enchanting smell of dinner. 

Along with the historical buildings and charming architecture, Portuguese cuisine is additionally well recognized and praised throughout Europe. Seafood, olives, freshly baked bread, and last but not least wine, are some of the main ingredients in traditional Portuguese food. The wine especially has put Portugal on the gastronomical map of the world. The sweet red wine called portwine is originally from here, produced in the Douro Valley in northern Portugal. 

When you venture out away from the cities and villages, you’ll meet nothing more than breathtaking landscapes. Portugal has a great variety of different geographical sceneries and wonders. The tall cliffs, caves and beaches define the east, while as you travel west, mountains evolve into tall altitudes and near the Sintra area, fairytale-like forests with heavy fog covering the ground and just a peak of a tower spear from the castle in the distance.

In general Portugal has a lot to offer on many levels of culture, nature, gastronomy etc, however they are also a great choice for expats looking for a place to settle. The public traffic is efficient and reliable in the large cities, housing is affordable, and the locals are welcoming and open.