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Housingtarget.com is a search engine for rental housing in the EU and EEA countries. We will try to cover all EU and EEA countries as quickly as possible.

We emphasize that we do not provide direct contact between housing seekers and housing providers. We also emphasize that we have no agreements with the housing providers to provide direct contact between the housing providers and the housing seekers, and that you need to be a PremiumUser to have access to most of our services. Read more about this below.

Housing search engine
Housingtarget.com is a housing search engine that has the ambition to collect - aggregate - all available rental housing, so that housing seekers can get informed about the entire rental housing market. The rentals in the search engine partly come from crawling of freely accessible websites, and partly from user-created housing ads. We help you so you don't have to stay up-to-date on offered rentals by constantly looking at hundreds of different websites - which is an almost impossible and extremely time-consuming task. On the housing market, speed is important and we give our housing seekers quick information on new housing offers.

Automatic market platform
Housingtarget.com is also a fully automated market platform where housing providers and housing seekers can post user-generated content in the form of housing ads or housing seeker profiles, and where users can access relevant search results in the form of rental housing or housing seekers. It is always free to post a housing ad or housing seeker profile, but one party has to pay to get contact info for the other.

We democratize knowledge of the housing market
Housingtarget.com´s mission is to democratize the access to knowledge about available housing. We do this by giving all users equal rights to knowledge about the new rental housings offered on the market. This means that all users will have equal opportunity to respond to knowledge about the new vacant rental housings being offered. Unfortunately, the housing market is often characterized by the fact that people with the highest social and financial surplus also have the easiest access to gather information about available housing. By giving all users equal opportunity to gain knowledge of the rental housings offered, we equalize some of the big differences on the housing market - while also making it much easier for all users to stay informed about new housing offered on the rental housing market.

This is how Housingtarget.com collects knowledge about available housing
The housing ads at Housingtarget.com come from three different sources:
The rental housing ad is created directly by the housing providers themselves.
2: The housing provider asks us to make sure that there is an updated version of their vacant housing at Housingtarget.com.
Our automatic robots screen the web for available housing that is not already found in Housingtarget.com's search engine. Here we include all homes from sources identified as credible, where the housing ads are updated. As a service for our PremiumUsers we include, to a lesser extent, housing from payment portals if we consider that the property in question is only available on that property search engine. It is communicated extremely clearly to our non-PremiumUsers and PremiumUsers if a given ad links to a payment portal.

Housing seeker: Non-paying user versus PremiumUser
1: As a housing seeker you can use the housing search engine this way without paying: You can create a housing seeker profile where housing providers who are PremiumUsers can request your contact information. You will be notified of relevant housing by mail and you can receive info about the housing providers who have upgraded to PremiumUser.
2: As a housing seeker you get these benefits by upgrading to PremiumUser: Your housing seeker profile will be highlighted and placed higher in the search results, all (and not only PremiumUsers) will be able to contact you via your housing seeker profile, you will receive faster email notifications of the most sought after housing, and you get access to all accommodations in the search database, which consists of URLs for available housing rentals collected from all available sources on the web.

Housing provider: Non-paying user versus PremiumUser
1: As a housing provider you can use the housing search engine this way without paying: You can create a housing ad where housing seekers who are PremiumUsers can recceive your contact information. You will be notified of relevant housing seekers by mail and you can retrieve contact information via the housing seeker profiles created by PremiumUsers.
2: As a housing provider you get these benefits when you upgrade to PremiumUser: Your housing ad is placed higher in the search results, it is free for all housing seekers to receive your contact information via your ad and you can receive contact information from all housing seeker profiles.

PremiumUser is a subscription
When you upgrade to PremiumUser you sign up for a subscription that you must cancel when you no longer need it - because you found a home or a tenant. The service is a subscription since the time needed for users to find what they are looking for varies a lot. For example, some users spend 5 days finding a home, while others spend 2 months. We have chosen to make short subscription periods of one week, so that those who, for example, find a home quickly - within a few days - do not end up with a remaining subscription period that they can not use.

Read the guide "Use your common sense" to know what you should do, and what you should not do, when you are searching for a rental.

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