zzgl. NK

24. May 2023 | Author: Ludvig Kofoed
zzgl. NK

What is zzgl. NK?

zzgl. NK is a German abbreviation used in real estate listings, where "zzgl." stands for "zuzüglich" (in addition to), and "NK" stands for "Nebenkosten" (additional costs). Therefore, zzgl. NK means that the listed price is in addition to the additional costs.

How Does zzgl. NK Work?

In German real estate listings, zzgl. NK is used to indicate that the rent or purchase price does not include additional costs such as utilities, maintenance, and other service charges. These costs are usually paid separately by the tenant or buyer.

For instance, a listing for an apartment in Cologne might state a rent of €800 zzgl. NK. This means that the tenant will pay €800 for the rent plus additional costs for utilities and services.

Why is zzgl. NK Important in Real Estate?

The term zzgl. NK is crucial in the German real estate market as it provides transparency about the total cost of renting or buying a property. This helps potential tenants or buyers to budget accurately and compare properties more effectively, making their property search more efficient.