DG (Dachgeschoss)

24. May 2023 | Author: Sara Petersen
DG (Dachgeschoss)

What is DG (Dachgeschoss)?

DG, an abbreviation for "Dachgeschoss" in German, refers to the uppermost level or attic area of a building, nestled directly beneath the rooftop. This unique space holds significant importance in the real estate sector, influencing property valuation, market dynamics, and overall appeal.

What are the Features of DG (Dachgeschoss)?

Typically, DG serves as additional living or storage space, characterized by its distinct architectural features such as slanting ceilings, exposed beams, and skylights. These unique elements lend a captivating charm to the space, attracting prospective buyers and tenants seeking a unique residential experience.

DG apartments or penthouses are highly sought after in the real estate market for several reasons. Their top-floor location offers increased privacy and reduced disturbance from neighboring units. Additionally, the presence of skylights and abundant natural light creates a bright and airy ambiance, a feature highly prized by discerning occupants.

How Does DG (Dachgeschoss) Impact the Real Estate Market?

From a market perspective, DG properties often command premium prices compared to similar units on lower levels, reflecting their increased desirability and potential for an enhanced quality of life. However, not all DG spaces are created equal. Factors such as ceiling height, elevator accessibility, and available amenities can significantly influence their market value.

For instance, in a bustling metropolis, a well-designed and tastefully refurbished DG penthouse with panoramic views of the city skyline could attract affluent buyers or tenants willing to pay a substantial premium. Conversely, a less desirable DG unit with low ceilings, limited natural light, and inconvenient access may struggle to generate equivalent market interest.


In conclusion, DG, or Dachgeschoss, represents the uppermost floor or attic space of a building within the real estate domain. With its unique attributes and the promise of increased privacy and natural light, DG properties hold substantial appeal in the market, often warranting a premium price tag. However, the market value of a DG unit depends on a variety of factors, including its overall design, amenities, and specific location within the building.