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Apartments for rent in Amsterdam

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Housing in Amsterdam

Find available apartments for rent in Amsterdam. Are you looking for apartment in for rent Amsterdam, you get a complete overview on this list. Click on the headline on each accommodation to read more. Are you looking for other types of housing in Amsterdam than apartments, then use the search function in the left side. With an accommodation in Amsterdam you are placed in the cultural center of the Netherlands, full of life and exciting things. Amsterdam is a preferred place for many who are looking for housing.

Amsterdam is a large and diverse city with many housing options. The city itself has many different neighborhoods that all offer something different. For example, it is possible to find a location that fits the budget, is child-friendly or where many students and / or young people live. Amsterdam has many different neighborhoods and areas that each have something different to offer and each neighborhood has its own characteristics and possibilities.

In addition, Amsterdam is a multicultural city with people from different areas in the Netherlands, but also Europe and the rest of the world. This has made it a worldly city where you can easily have French coffee and pain au chocolat for breakfast, Korean bibimbap for lunch and Dutch mussels with fries for dinner.

Amsterdam is also known for the large amount of festivals, events and cultural opportunities. The Museumplein, for example, is the perfect destination for a day of museums and you can visit festivals for King's Day at various locations throughout the city.

At the European Championships and World Cup, football is watched on a large screen on Museumplein and around Leidseplein there are many cafés and bars.

Every neighborhood has its own charm and adds something to this diverse city. Amsterdam is generally known as an expensive city, but if you look closely, you can certainly find something affordable. Living in such a large and diverse city is a great experience.