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Housing for rent in Hungary

You have searched for housings for rent in: Hungary.
More info about housing for rent in Hungary.
You have searched for housings for rent in: Hungary.
More info about housing for rent in Hungary.
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Nice to know when you are searching for rental housing in Hungary

Hungary is a country located in Central Europe, bordering countries like Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Croatia, Ukraine etc. It’s home to 9,730,000 residents (2021 estimate), and covers an area of roughly 93,030 sq. km. Hungary has a rich past consisting of many different civilisations, and has for centuries played an important role in the collective history of the continent Europe. It served as a crossroads for various people like the Celts, Germanic tribes, Romans, Huns, and the list goes on. 

Today, Hungary still plays an important part in Europe, but more as a country of luxury and leisure.


Hungary is quite known for their thermal baths, which people from all over the world gather to visit in the holidays and vacations. There are more than 1000 hot springs in Hungary, many of which have been used for thermal baths since the Romans and possibly earlier. Today many of them have been preserved and renovated into well functioning luxurious baths used for medicinal, therapeutic and recreational purposes. Many of them are located in the famous city, and capital of Hungary; Budapest.


Budapest has for a long time now been a common travel destination for Europeans, and currently invites around 30 million tourists to the city every year. To give a sense of the size, this is around the same amount of tourists who visit Paris every year. As the singer George Ezra sang in his song called Budapest, “My house in Budapest, My hidden treasure chest”, Budapest can be described as the hidden gem of Europe. 

The flamboyant architecture in Budapest is one of the many reasons why the city attracts people. Architecturally Hungary in general is a treasure trove, stocked with everything from Roman ruins and baroque churches to  medieval townhouses, neoclassical public buildings and intact bathhouses built in the Roman period.


As well as they’ve accomplished to maintain the architecture through several wars and empires, the Hungarians take pride in their folk culture and have, as one of the only countries in Europe, been able to incorporate centuries old traditions into a modern day world. An example is the táncházak, a famous Hungarian ‘rave’ dance house where young people meet and dance the night away to the sounds of traditional music, played on a five-tone diatonic scale.


As well as they take their transitions seriously, the Hungarians have a natural skill in cooking, and don’t joke about food. Hungarian food is very rich in taste and is said by locals to be among the greatest cuisines of the world, which can be understood when tasted. The flavors are nowhere near shy and the Hungarian wine complementing the dining is world renowned. Big-bodied reds of Eger and Villány and the honey-like sweetness in Tokaj are sure to make you fall in love with the country.


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