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Rental housing in Helsinki, Finland

You have searched for housings for rent in: Helsinki . More info about rental housing in Helsinki, Finland.
You have searched for housings for rent in: Helsinki . More info about rental housing in Helsinki, Finland.

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 Helsinki also known as Helsingfors is the capital and largest city in Finland. The city was founded by the Swedish king Gustavus Vasa in 1550 as a sea trading point for the Baltic Sea. Even though Finland was conquered in 1809, three years later Helsinki was made capital of the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland.

Finland’s history as an independent nation is quite young since the country only became independent in 1917, where Helsinki assumed the position of the newly founded republic. Since the country became independent, the capital has been used to host multiple international events and summits such as the summer Olympics and Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. In 2000 it was named the European capital of culture.

Helsinki has now become one of the richest capitals in Europe. A third of Finland’s GDP can be accredited to Helsinki. Many large investors or satellite branches of international firms settle their business in Helsinki, due to the highly skilled employees in Finland.

Like most capitals, the city is divided into neighborhoods and districts known for different characteristics and features. The Kamppi neighborhood is know for its busy shopping districts and plenty of restaurant, bars and cafés. Töölö is another neighborhood with trndy boutiques and houses the Sibelius monument, dedicated to the Finnish composer and violinist Jean Sibelius.

There are several attractions in Helsinki and due to its geographical location near the sea, the city has several beaches. The city is also known for its many parks and green areas which makes the city more refreshing than many other capitals. The city, furthermore, houses many kinds of art and culture. The Senate Square also known as Senaatintori or Senatstorget, is the city’s center for politics, education, culture and arts. One of the most remarkable attractions in the city, is the Kallio Church which has is an ode to different periods in the design history of the city.


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