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Find vacant housing rentals in Finland on the list below. We have gathered almost all accommodation for rent in Finland. So, if you want to find a housing rental in Finland, you have come to the right place. Find a housing rental in Finland now. Good luck. More info about housing rentals in Finland.

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Frequently asked questions

Statistics on the development of available housing for rent in Finland over the past month

Below you can see the development of available housing for rent in Finland over the past month. In the first column you see the date. In the second column you see the total amount of housing for rent in Finland on the date. In the third column you see the amount of new housing in Finland that was available for rent on the date. In the fourth column you see the amount of housing in Finland that was rented on the date. Also see aggregate statistics on all available housing rentals in Finland over time, aggregate statistics on new housing rentals in Finland over time, aggregate statistics on rented housing in Finland over time

Date All housing for rent New housing for rent Rented housing
19. April 2024 8240 199 262
18. April 2024 8303 284 346
17. April 2024 8365 208 145
16. April 2024 8302 175 187
15. April 2024 8314 71 282
14. April 2024 8525 284 267
13. April 2024 8508 112 16
12. April 2024 8412 363 421
11. April 2024 8470 223 236
10. April 2024 8483 214 195
9. April 2024 8464 147 96
8. April 2024 8413 77 156
7. April 2024 8492 219 201
6. April 2024 8474 234 200
5. April 2024 8440 332 334
4. April 2024 8442 241 273
3. April 2024 8474 224 194
2. April 2024 8444 353 333
1. April 2024 8424 239 1
31. March 2024 8186 29 7
30. March 2024 8164 287 290
29. March 2024 8167 231 201
28. March 2024 8137 126 116
27. March 2024 8127 291 308
26. March 2024 8144 150 168
25. March 2024 8162 74 147
24. March 2024 8235 61 63
23. March 2024 8237 334 333
22. March 2024 8236 199 190
21. March 2024 8227 161 223
20. March 2024 8289 213 0

What is a housing rental?

A rental property is a dwelling that you rent instead of buying. It can be an apartment, a house, a room, or a townhouse. It is a flexible solution that allows you to live in a specific area without committing to purchasing a property.

When you rent a property, you pay a monthly rent depending on the size, location, and other factors. When renting, it's crucial to read the lease agreement thoroughly, so you know what is included in the rent and what obligations you have as a tenant.

There are many advantages to renting a property. Firstly, it can be cheaper compared to other forms of housing, meaning you can save money and spend it on other things. Secondly, it can be easier to move when you rent, as you don’t need to sell your property before moving. Thirdly, in many rental properties, you receive assistance from the landlord or the property company if there are issues with the rental, such as burst water pipes, blocked drains, etc.

All in all, renting is a good solution for those who want flexibility and do not want to commit to one place. A rental can be a cheaper solution than other forms of housing, and it is easy and flexible to move again when you rent, as you do not need to find a buyer, but simply need to terminate the lease and move to a new property when the rental period expires.

There are many different types of properties one can rent, including:

Apartment for rent in Finland

An apartment is a private dwelling in a multi-story building. Renting an apartment can be a good choice if you want to be close to the city, have access to public transport, and live close to other people. Read more about apartment for rent by clicking the link.

House for rent in Finland

A house is a building that serves as a home or residence for individuals or families, where the resident has the right to use the land on which the building is located. A house usually has an associated garden and other outdoor areas such as a driveway. Read more about house for rent by clicking the link.

Room for rent in Finland

A room for rent is a room that is rented out – typically as a sublet. Renting rooms is often time-limited, and one will typically sublet a room for rent for a shorter period, which can be from a few days to several months. Read more about room for rent by clicking the link.

How do you find a rental property in Finland?

Finding a rental property can be a time-consuming and, at times, challenging process, depending on the current housing market situation in the area you are looking in. Start by defining your needs and desires. Then, explore the market for available rental properties, for example, by searching on housing portals like Boligdeal.dk or by contacting property companies, property managers, or housing associations. Next, arrange viewings for relevant rental properties, and make an agreement with the landlord once you have found the right rental property. 

You can see a detailed description of how to find and rent your new rental property via our guides for searching for apartments for rent, searching for rooms for rent, searching for houses for rent.

Find a rental accommodation for rent in Finland online

The first and most important step in your search process is to gain an overview of available rental properties that suit you.  

Housingtarget.com gives you access to a wide range of available rental properties throughout Europe. Whether you are looking for a small rental, a larger rental property, an affordable rental, or a luxury rental, there are good chances to find the property you are looking for on Housingtarget.com.

You can filter your search and set up automatic search agents for housing rentals, which notify you about new rental properties that match your criteria. This saves time and allows you to quickly contact landlords who have rental properties that suit you.

Find an affordable long term rental

If you wish to find an economically affordable rental property, it's important to have as many options as possible to choose from. This is achieved by contacting various landlords of rental properties and scheduling viewings of the different available properties.

Once you have received the various landlords' price proposals, you can try to negotiate the price by presenting your own offer. By keeping several options open and contacting multiple landlords, you increase the chance of finding a landlord who is willing to match your offer.

The price you can negotiate depends a lot on supply and demand. So, by choosing an area with many available rental properties, you can increase the likelihood of finding a rental property at a favorable price.

Find a home for rent with the right size and layout

When you are looking for a new rental property, it is crucial that it can accommodate both your current and future needs. In other words, the rental property should be spacious enough for your current daily activities and plans you have for the near future. Are you expecting to expand your family, plan to live in the rental property for many years, or need space for a subtenant for a period?

The layout and floor plan of a home can significantly impact whether the property can meet your needs. Even if a rental property seems too small, optimizing the use of space through layout and good planning can often resolve this issue.

You can find inspiration for decorating your rental through these guides: Guide to furnishing your apartment, Guide to furnishing your house, and Guide to furnishing your room.

Moving into a rental home in Finland

Once you have found your future rental property, the next step is the move. It is essential that the moving process is well organized, and you focus on all aspects of the move.

Moving varies significantly depending on whether you are moving to a room or apartment or moving to a house. 

We have developed these guides to help you when moving into a rental property: Guide to moving into an apartment, Guide to moving into a house, and Guide to moving into a room.

Would you like to rent out a property?

If you have properties available for rent, you can find your new tenant via Housingtarget.com, one of the leading online platforms for renting out private properties in Europe. We are used by many landlords for property rentals, including property companies, housing associations, real estate agents, and administrators, etc., for renting out properties.

Housingtarget.com is visited daily by hundreds of people looking for available rental properties. When you advertise your available properties for rent on Housingtarget.com, they are exposed to a wide range of tenants, from students to families to seniors.

If you have a property for rent, you can always create an ad directly here. You can also actively search for potential tenants here. Additionally, you are more than welcome to contact us via email at [email protected] – we are ready to assist you with advice and help in creating your property ad.

We have created a guide that describes the rental process from A-Z for you: Rent out your property through 10 simple steps.

Use your common sense when looking for housing rental

When renting a property, it is crucial to check the landlord before transferring any money to them. Always get legal help to review your lease agreement before signing it. Arrange a viewing of the property, check the landlord's background, and get documentation verifying the landlord's right to rent out the property before signing anything or transferring money to the landlord. Most importantly: Use your common sense.

We have collected several tips on what to pay attention to in this guide: Check the landlord before renting a property.

Nice to know when you are searching for rental housing in Finland

Finland is a country located in northern Europe bordering Sweden to the west and Russia to the west. It’s a rather small country  with a small population compared to the area. The population is 5.5 mil (2017) while the area covers around 340.000 square km.

Finland is mainly known for their winter wonderland-like state in the winter season. There are both plentiful of activities inside, like burying yourself under a blanket with a book, but also many outdoors options like skiing, dog sledging, observing reindeer, or trips on snowmobile across the snowy solitudes. As the northern light spreads out like a giant blanket over the trees, the reason why people travel here becomes even more apparent.

The wilderness of Finland is in general a large part of the reason people from all over the world come to visit. Both in the winter season but very much also during the summer months. It was even rated the very best country to visit within the world for wildlife travel by True Luxury Travel. The different countries were analysed based on different factors, like environmental sustainability, in which Finland had high marks. Finland also won based on the conservation efforts, unique and varied diversity of species and generally stunning natural landscapes. The tourist numbers have been rising adequately ever since, and with its 39 national parks and 73.1% of forest covered land, Finland offers plenty to see. 

Along with the great rating in terms of wilderness, Finland has proved time after time that they keep winning at life as they, for the fourth time in a row, have been rated the happiest country in the entire world. How do they do it, you ask?. It could have something to do with their extensive welfare system, which is designed to guarantee all residents decent living conditions, or it could have to do with the school system, which allows kids to spend time on just being kids and not pressuring them into performance by for example not giving any homework, or focusing more on creativity and individuality than test scores and memorization. We are not entirely sure the exact reason why Finns are so happy, one might just have to go experience it in first person.

Finland is also home to some beautiful cities, like Helsinki, the capital. Most of the larger cities are located in the south close to the coast of the Baltic sea. Helsinki is a metropolis full of exquisite architecture, gastronomical wonders and groundbreaking art. Here you can visit forts, design museums and other great displays of the Finns natural ability to design and build. Of course you’ll also be able to experience this in many other parts of the country, like at the Villa Mairea in Pori or at the Bomarsund Fästningsruin in Sund.

Finland has a lot to offer in ways a lot of people have yet to discover, but until then, Finland will remain an undiscovered gem of the north.