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Housing for rent in Finland

You have searched for housings for rent in: Finland.
More info about housing for rent in Finland.
You have searched for housings for rent in: Finland.
More info about housing for rent in Finland.
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Nice to know when you are searching for rental housing in Finland

Finland is a country located in northern Europe bordering Sweden to the west and Russia to the west. It’s a rather small country  with a small population compared to the area. The population is 5.5 mil (2017) while the area covers around 340.000 square km.


Finland is mainly known for their winter wonderland-like state in the winter season. There are both plentiful of activities inside, like burying yourself under a blanket with a book, but also many outdoors options like skiing, dog sledging, observing reindeer, or trips on snowmobile across the snowy solitudes. As the northern light spreads out like a giant blanket over the trees, the reason why people travel here becomes even more apparent.

The wilderness of Finland is in general a large part of the reason people from all over the world come to visit. Both in the winter season but very much also during the summer months. It was even rated the very best country to visit within the world for wildlife travel by True Luxury Travel. The different countries were analysed based on different factors, like environmental sustainability, in which Finland had high marks. Finland also won based on the conservation efforts, unique and varied diversity of species and generally stunning natural landscapes. The tourist numbers have been rising adequately ever since, and with its 39 national parks and 73.1% of forest covered land, Finland offers plenty to see. 


Along with the great rating in terms of wilderness, Finland has proved time after time that they keep winning at life as they, for the fourth time in a row, have been rated the happiest country in the entire world. How do they do it, you ask?. It could have something to do with their extensive welfare system, which is designed to guarantee all residents decent living conditions, or it could have to do with the school system, which allows kids to spend time on just being kids and not pressuring them into performance by for example not giving any homework, or focusing more on creativity and individuality than test scores and memorization. We are not entirely sure the exact reason why Finns are so happy, one might just have to go experience it in first person.


Finland is also home to some beautiful cities, like Helsinki, the capital. Most of the larger cities are located in the south close to the coast of the Baltic sea. Helsinki is a metropolis full of exquisite architecture, gastronomical wonders and groundbreaking art. Here you can visit forts, design museums and other great displays of the Finns natural ability to design and build. Of course you’ll also be able to experience this in many other parts of the country, like at the Villa Mairea in Pori or at the Bomarsund Fästningsruin in Sund.


Finland has a lot to offer in ways a lot of people have yet to discover, but until then, Finland will remain an undiscovered gem of the north.


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