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Find available apartments for rent in Gothenburg. Are you looking for apartment in for rent Gothenburg, you get a complete overview on this list. Click on the headline on each accommodation to read more. Are you looking for other types of housing in Gothenburg than apartments, then use the search function in the left side. With an accommodation in Gothenburg you are placed in the fifth biggest city of Sweden, full of life and exciting things. Gothenburg is a preferred place for many who are looking for housing.

Although the city today known as Gothenburg was built by the Dutch as early as the 17th century, it is usually said that the city has a longer history than that. To find the first settlement for what later developed into today's Gothenburg, one must look back all the way to the 11th century and the then trading town of Lödöse. With its location between Denmark and Norway, the city has throughout history been an important puzzle piece in Swedish trade - also to secure access to the mouth of the Göta River to the sea. Something that is reflected in the city even today, with an impressive harbor and home to many large industries.

Gothenburg has also developed into much more than a port and industrial city and today attracts people with the largest amusement park Liseberg in the Nordic countries and by inviting world artists every year to perform at the historic arena Ullevi in ​​central Gothenburg. The city also hosts each year the world's largest youth soccer tournament, played by thousands of young players each year.

The city is also on the list of Sweden's student cities, which with its nearly 40,000 students is one of the largest student cities in the country. The main universities are the University of Gothenburg and the Chalmers University of Technology, and therefore do not be surprised if you meet happy students in one of the city's parks.