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Apartment for rent in Portugal

You have searched for Apartments for rent in: Portugal.
More info about apartment for rent in Portugal.
You have searched for Apartments for rent in: Portugal.
More info about apartment for rent in Portugal.
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Nice to know when you are searching for apartment in Portugal

The captivating pattern and colors of the Portuguese tiles, the contrast between the roaring sea and the calm, inviting waters, and the heavenly wine has attracted people to Portugal for several centuries. Portugal is a European country located on the Iberian peninsula surrounded entirely by Spain and the Ocean. Portugal covers an area of 92,212 square km and has a population of 10,347,892 (2021 census). 


Portugal’s history has been traced all the way back to 20000 years BC. Moving on forward, both the Celts, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians have all spent time constructing the Portugal we know of today. Architecture, gardens , town squares etc. have been well preserved through the rise and fall of these civilizations, which means Portugal is home to treasures in terms of historical sights. At the Unesco World Heritage Sites in Tomar, Belém, Alcobaça and Batalha, the narrow streets will trap you in a charming form of maze, and at the 20000 year old carvings you’ll lose track of time. 


As you wander through one of the many cities or villages, the concept of southern European charm will validate itself. Every small village is the proud owner of some sort of church, plaza or market, filled with ripe fruits and other fresh produce, where the locals gather to gossip and exchange hugs and chin kisses. The center is full of life and chatting until dinner-time, when the apartments and restaurants start spreading the enchanting smell of dinner. 


Along with the historical buildings and charming architecture, Portuguese cuisine is additionally well recognized and praised throughout Europe. Seafood, olives, freshly baked bread, and last but not least wine, are some of the main ingredients in traditional Portuguese food. The wine especially has put Portugal on the gastronomical map of the world. The sweet red wine called portwine is originally from here, produced in the Douro Valley in northern Portugal. 


When you venture out away from the cities and villages, you’ll meet nothing more than breathtaking landscapes. Portugal has a great variety of different geographical sceneries and wonders. The tall cliffs, caves and beaches define the east, while as you travel west, mountains evolve into tall altitudes and near the Sintra area, fairytale-like forests with heavy fog covering the ground and just a peak of a tower spear from the castle in the distance. 


In general Portugal has a lot to offer on many levels of culture, nature, gastronomy etc, however they are also a great choice for expats looking for a place to settle. The public traffic is efficient and reliable in the large cities, housing is affordable, and the locals are welcoming and open.


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