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Apartments for rent in Rome

You have searched for Apartments for rent in: Rome . More info about apartments for rent in Rome.
You have searched for Apartments for rent in: Rome . More info about apartments for rent in Rome.

Useful to know when you are looking for apartment in Rome

Rome is not only the capital of Italy, one of the most visited cities of Europe, but also home to 2,873 million (2017) inhabitants and more than 3500 years of cultural heritage. 

Few cities can compete with Rome in terms of artistic heritage. Through the centuries, Rome has been home to many great artists, and is thereby full to the brim of artistic experiences, both historically significant, and new modern ones. One of the most known attractions in Rome is the amphitheatre Colosseum, where all sorts of entertainment events have been held since the time of The Roman Empire, when it was built. People would come from far away to experience the shows, and still do. Theatres, galleries and church services held in charming and antique churches pop up all over the city.

On top of this the ministries of Italy are all mainly located in Rome, making it not only an artistic centre, but also a cultural node of Italy. This, and the booming tourism of the city, contribute to plenty of job opportunities. 

Living in Rome is exactly the dream it sounds like, but the broad range of cultural and artistic sights is just one part of the whole experience. The Romans are known as naturally very welcoming people, compared to other capitals in Europe. You’ll instantly feel at home. Gastronomically the city surely isn’t behind in any parameters either. There are dining opportunities both expensive and superlative, but also local, small and affordable. Food is an essential part of the roman lifestyle, and you’ll therefore only find yourself at dining places with the best quality food produce possible.

The city is accessible even without cars or mopeds, as the public transport system is modern and efficient, whether you choose to go by tram, bus or train.


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In Rome you will find rentals. You can choose between apartments, rooms or houses for rent. Click to see all available housing.

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