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Apartments for rent in Ireland

You have searched for Apartments for rent in: Ireland . More info about apartments for rent in Ireland.
You have searched for Apartments for rent in: Ireland . More info about apartments for rent in Ireland.
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Nice to know when you are searching for apartment in Ireland

Ireland is a small country situated on an island in the British isles west of Britain. It gained independence from the British Kingdom in 1937, however half of the Isle, now called Northern Ireland, remained a part of the British Kingdom. Ireland covers an area of 84,421 square km and has a population of 6,572,728 (2016). Ireland has a lot to offer, both culturally, geographically, gastronomically and architecturally.


Geographically, Ireland is home to many different stunning landscapes. Cliffs are a big theme though, especially concerning the around 4000 km Irish coastline. Many unique rock formations are to be experienced here. One of the locations, called the Giant’s Causeway, is even declared a Unesco World Heritage site because of the uncommon hexagon rock shapes.

Amongst the cliffs and rocky formations lies mountains, strange and magical forests, and small hidden waterfalls.


Culturally Ireland has century old traditions, like St. Patrick's Day, which has spread all the way across the Atlantic ocean and to many countries in Europe as well. It’s a day where people dress up in green, white and orange (the colors of the Irish flag) to praise the saint Patrick, who was taken to Ireland as a slave from Roman Britain. He luckily escaped, but returned later to convert Ireland to Christianity.

Ireland has many other centuries old traditions and cultural events that stay more or less within the borders, but are equally interesting and fascinating.


Ireland also has a rich past, with royalty, religion and so on, which has resulted in the maintenance of ancient old buildings and architecture. Castles built back in the 15th century bedeck the hills and cliffs. The capital, called Dublin has a great deal of charming old constructions as well, like St. Audoen's Church,  The Custom House, Guinness Storehouse and many others.


Gastronomically Ireland’s cuisine can in many ways be compared to the British kitchen. With a lot of stews, tender meat and potatoes. 

The beer in Ireland however, is another standard. They are especially known for the beer brand Guinness, which is the biggest stout-beer brand in the whole world. The Irish take their beer seriously and you’ll find a pub at almost every street corner.


Besides the beautiful landscapes, tasty dishes and festive traditions, Irish people are said to be incredibly open and welcoming people.


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