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Apartments for rent in Athens

You have searched for Apartments for rent in: Athens . More info about apartments for rent in Athens.
You have searched for Apartments for rent in: Athens . More info about apartments for rent in Athens.

Useful to know when you are looking for apartment in Athens

Athens is a region with about 3.8 million inhabitants with the city of Athens inhabiting around 750.000. Like the general housing market in Europe, Greece has also seen major increases in prices for housing options. This is more severe in Athens as prices generally increase more in urban areas. While the price has increased it is still considerably lower than living in other large southern cities like Rome and Paris.

The style of Athens architecture is similar to other southern European and Mediterranean countries. Athens has a very attractive and interesting culture with a beautiful language, ancient architecture and ruins as well as amazing food and beverages. The Greek cuisine is a large part of the culture and meals usually include social gatherings and occasions. The people of Greece are generally deemed very friendly, approachable, and laidback making it easy to move to, or within, Greece. Besides this, the weather of Greece is warm, sunny and with little rain.

Most of the housing options in the region are apartments in larger or smaller blocks. While the area is relatively cheaper than other large cities and areas, there are multiple neighborhoods with expensive properties. Housing options near the cost are often bought by wealthy families or businesses, making these properties extremely expensive.

As most European larger urban areas, Athens offers a great city for students with both housing options, entertainment and job opportunities.


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What types of housing are there in Athens?

In Athens you will find rentals. You can choose between apartments, rooms or houses for rent. Click to see all available housing.

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Yes, you can. On our search site for Athens you can filter your search by size, price, area etc.

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How much does housing cost in Athens?

Prices on housing in Athens depends on factors such as size, price and location. Click here to see prices on housing in Athens.