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Find available rooms in Dresden. are you looking for room in Dresden, you get a complete overview on this list. Click on the headline on each housing ad to read more. If you are looking for other types of rental housing in Dresden than rooms, then use the search function below the map. With an accommodation in Dresden you are placed in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, full of life and exciting things. Dresden is a preferred place for many who are looking for housing.


Dresden is the traditional capital of Saxony and the third largest city in eastern Germany after Berlin and Leipzig. Dresden is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Germany. It is located in the east of Germany in the valley of the river Elbe, a two hours drive away from Berlin or Prague. Being known as the “Florence on the Elbe”, its skyline with the the Frauenkirche (“Church of Our Lady”), reconstructed in 2005, the Zwinger, the Painting Gallery, the castle, the Semperoper and the Hofkirche (Court Chapel), are world-famous. The “Brühlsche Terrassen”, also called “Europe’s balcony” offers a stunning view over the city and its panorama.

But Dresden offers far more than a baroque architecture or beautiful surrounding landscapes. Being the capital of Saxony, it has been a center of politics, culture and arts for centuries. Remarkable treasures in galleries and artists performing from jazz to opera, from ballet to classical theatre are hallmarks in Dresden’s cultural scene. Above all, Dresden offers a lively and exciting night life with bars, pubs, clubs and concerts. 

In recent years, Dresden has evolved into a vivid and international scientific and industrial center. Its rise to one of the most outstanding locations for research and science is recognized world-wide.