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Housing for rent in Bulgaria

You have searched for housings for rent in: Bulgaria.
More info about housing for rent in Bulgaria.
You have searched for housings for rent in: Bulgaria.
More info about housing for rent in Bulgaria.
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Nice to know when you are searching for rental housing in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a less known, yet very intriguing and interesting country once you learn about it. It’s located in Southeast Europe on the Balkan peninsula bordering countries such as Romania, Turkey and Greece and has a population of 6,875,040 (2021 estimate).


Bulgaria is skipped on many traveling guides for Europe, however this is in no way a true picture of what the country offers of different wonders and beauties. 

Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries of Europe in the sense that proof of the earliest arrival of modern humans in Europe. It has since undergone several hundreds of civilisations and cultures, and has, contrary to many other European countries who are heavily influenced by western culture, preserved its national identity, history, culture and tradition in the most beautiful and honoring way.

Their colorful national suits are a common wear to formal events, local happenings and festivals. The people wear the unique and stunning clothes and jewelry with pride, which is not something a lot of cultures today can stand by.

The Bulgarian culture also includes many rich folklore traditions passed down generation to generation, some sung, some told in lively stories and some are expressed through thrilling dances. 


Additionally, Bulgaria has successfully been able to maintain and preserve thousands of architectural structures from the years of shifting civilisations. Buildings such as the Aleksander Nevski Cathedral, which is said to be the symbols of Bulgaria itself, have bedecked the skyline of the capital Sofia with circular towers in gold and corroded bronze since the late 1800th century. As the majority of Bulgaria is religious, the churches and cathedrals are some of the best preserved and most beautiful constructions to visit. 

Apart from this, the architecture in some of the small villages is the perfect example of the charming old wooden houses in colors people come from other continents to experience in Europe. However, as the love for ancient traditions is expressed, it’s important to add that Bulgaria additionally takes part in the modern and progressive world. They simply offer an ideal balance of historical treasures and a digitized approach to living.


The nature of Bulgaria generally consists of mountain ranges and untamed forests, which is the magic word for hikers, mountain bikers and nature enthusiasts in general. The small huts spread out through the landscape provide visitors with an excellent opportunity to experience the scenery all through dawn till dusk.


Settling in Bulgaria is an opportunity to experience a fascinating new culture up close. It’s also beneficial in terms of cost of living, as the rent and product cost is a lot lower compared to the other EU countries. The people are also very accepting and friendly, particularly if you show interest in their culture, and make an effort to learn the local language.


Find rental housing in Bulgaria

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