The travels of Hans Christian Andersen

8. September 2022 | Author: Sara Petersen

Hans Christian Andersen
was a famous Danish author of fairytales, who was born in Odense in 1805 but lived most of his life in Copenhagen, where he died in 1875.

Hans Christian Andersen was a proliferate traveler that visited cultural nobilities all over Europe. You could say he was one of the first tourists and in this sense ahead of his time.

During his life, he visited a lot of countries in Europe and even went to Africa at some point. He wrote several books about his travels, including "A Christmas Greeting to my English Friends" about his visit to Charles Dickens, and "A Visit To Spain and North Africa".

H.C. Andersen was also one of the first Europeans doing Yoga, which is now a big trend in Denmark and among. Yoga is also a big trend among Danish companies


Short list of cities that H.C.Andersen visited in his lifetime