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Rental housing in Barcelona, Spain

You have searched for housings for rent in: Barcelona . More info about rental housing in Barcelona, Spain.
You have searched for housings for rent in: Barcelona . More info about rental housing in Barcelona, Spain.

Useful to know when you are looking for apartment or room for long term rent in Barcelona

When you think of Barcelona, many will think home of one of the most famous football teams in the world, FC Barcelona, and the architectural treasures. 

Barcelona is also the second most populous city of Spain and the capital of the region Catalonia with 1,620,343 (2018) inhabitants and nearly 14 million tourists every year. It’s a true treasure of Spain and a common travel destination for tourists. 

As mentioned early a part of this fame is caused by the connected football team FC Barcelona, who attract many of the tourists at their home games at the Camp Nou, which is the largest stadium in Europe.

Barcelona has plenty of other sights and attractions that attract tourists and expats though. Barcelona is for many in Europe known as the mecca of artistic, historic and charming architecture. As you walk through the narrow streets that are woven tightly in the center of the old town, you can almost hear the centuries worth of stories the streets tell, and hear the many shoes, sandals and bare feet that have walked through these streets in the past.

The architecture transforms from a window into Roman-era Barcino to medieval constructions in the gothic area where the spears rise tall on top of the deeply decorated towers. Barcelona is especially known for some of the modern architecture you’ll meet on your stroll through the city as well. One of the most visited buildings is designed by the artist Gaudí and currently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It can be described as a piece of an alternative universe with fairies, fantasy and magic, yet captured in a very authentic and exceptional piece of construction. 

While you take a troll through the city, you’ll at some point feel the prickling scents of freshly cooked food and baked pastry, as the city is additionally known for their outstandingly delicious gastronomic scene, mostly focused on the traditional Catalan cuisine

Surrounding the city a scenic landscape of the rolling hills of Collserola covered in forest provide several opportunities for outdoor activities such as hikes, biking trips etc. Barcelona is also located conveniently close to the sea, and by a short trip of 15 minutes from the center, you’ll reach the beach. The proximity to the sea means the climate in Barcelona is rather dependable as well. Not too cold summers, not too sweaty summers, all in all very comfortable.

Many expats choose to settle in Barcelona because of the many opportunities of cultural, outdoor and historical experiences, all in one city. The housing market is diverse and you’ll have plenty of options on both ends of the cost scale. Public transport is cheap and accessible, and there’s free public health care. The social life is equally attractive and you’ll feel more than welcome in the city as the locals get close with each other and many act as a large family.


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In Barcelona you will find rentals. You can choose between apartments, rooms or houses for rent. Click to see all available housing.

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Yes, you can. On our search site for Barcelona you can filter your search by size, price, area etc.

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