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Rental housing in Luxembourg (canton), Luxembourg

You have searched for housings for rent in: Luxembourg (canton) . More info about rental housing in Luxembourg (canton), Luxembourg.
You have searched for housings for rent in: Luxembourg (canton) . More info about rental housing in Luxembourg (canton), Luxembourg.
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Luxembourg city is the capital of Luxembourg. It has a population of 124,528 (2021), which is about a sixth of the whole country. 


Luxembourg City is said to be one of Europe's most scenic capitals. The cobbled streets cradled in centuries old trees and apartment buildings constructed in the 1800’s proves this idea right. Unfortunately though, since the devastating destruction made in WWII, Luxembourg has had to repair and rebuild thousands of constructions in the following years. Luxembourg city has survived this pretty well though, and the city still gives off a prehistoric fairy tale appearance. The old town is even on the Unesco list.

6 Unesco World Heritage sites are located in the city. They include a variety of walks and biking tours around the old town and other beautifully maintained relics of the past, despite the atrocious damage they suffered from during WWII. As you walk these paths, up and down the walls carrying the city formed like a middle age village in a fantasy movie, you’ll be met by friendly people, cafés full of freshly baked pastries, and last but not least, wineries.


The city is full of museums and galleries covering archaeology, the natural sciences, history and contemporary art. The drinking and dining scene is equally lively and offers a broad selection of experiences. At the Brasserie du Cercle, you’ll be able to try out the different Luxembourgish specialities. This is one of the more luxurious options, however there are also plenty of more affordable and delicious options, such as the local diner Lux'Burgers, who serve out mouth watering tender burgers over the counter.


The city has great importance in Europe in terms of politics. It’s one of the four official capitals of the European Union, which means politicians and officials gather a few times a year to negotiate and legislate. 

Because of this many people working in this sector choose to settle in Luxembourg city. Because of this, the weekends in the city are more or less empty and open to leisure activities. 


Apart from the wine consumption, Luxembourg is ranked eminently well in wealth, job security and safety. The average rent is a bit expensive in comparison to neighboring countries, however you get what you pay for in general quality of life.


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In Luxembourg (canton) you will find rentals. You can choose between apartments, rooms or houses for rent. Click to see all available housing.

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Yes, you can. On our search site for Luxembourg (canton) you can filter your search by size, price, area etc.

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