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Rental housing in Stuttgart, Germany

You have searched for housings for rent in: Stuttgart . More info about rental housing in Stuttgart, Germany.
You have searched for housings for rent in: Stuttgart . More info about rental housing in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Stuttgart is the sixth largest city of Germany of 630,305 (2020), and the capital of the southern state Baden-Württemberg. Stuttgart is the home of many world known inventions and inventors such as Einstein and his relativity, Kepler and his telescope, Gottlieb and his gas engine etc. Stuttgart is still very much relevant in the field of innovation and research.

The university of Stuttgart is one of the leading technically focused universities in Germany, and a high number of students travel to Stuttgart to attend the school. The average age of the citizens in the city is brought down by this, and brings the streets alive in the school semesters. Settling in Stuttgart as an expat student, or a student transferring from another state in Germany is convenient and unproblematic, as the city has adjusted to the large number of students. The large number of student residents also mean there are great student accommodation and housing opportunities.

However Stuttgart is not only a city of learning and teaching, it’s also a common travel destination for people visiting Germany. Culturally and Historically Stuttgart has a lot to offer, and thousands of ballet, opera and orchestra enthusiasts flock to the city to experience the world class shows. Meanwhile the shows capture their audiences, the car enthusiasts gather to drool over the countless exclusive and classic models of the German branded cars in the museum of Mercedes Benz and the museum of Porsche.

Surrounding the city lies countless vine-yards, which roll into vigorous valleys and majestic mountains touching the clouds. The landscape outside of the city borders supplies the area with many outdoors activities such as hiking, biking, ziplining, go on picnics etc. You can also just lean back in a comfortable chair while wine made from local grapes is served to you.

Settling in Stuttgart is described to be fairly convenient, and uncomplicated. Even though its a metropolitan filled with modern architecture and exclusive dining experiences followed by extravagant nightclubs, Stuttgart succeeds in maintaining a great local culture, where you’ll instantly feel welcome and at home as fx. an expat moving there.


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In Stuttgart you will find rentals. You can choose between apartments, rooms or houses for rent. Click to see all available housing.

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Yes, you can. On our search site for Stuttgart you can filter your search by size, price, area etc.

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Prices on housing in Stuttgart depends on factors such as size, price and location. Click here to see prices on housing in Stuttgart.