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Rental housing in Marseille

You have searched for rental housing for rent in: Marseille .
Useful to know when searching for rental housing in Marseille
You have searched for rental housing for rent in: Marseille .
Useful to know when searching for rental housing in Marseille
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Useful to know when you are looking for a rental home in Marseille

Marseille, the picturesque city at the Côte d'Azur has a lot to offer. From beautiful architecture to the beaches and the many museums and theaters across the city. But Marseille is not only an beautiful city at the beach in southern France, it is also the second most populated city in France and therefore brings all the big city opportunities and attractions to the people.

That becomes clear when exploring the diverse neighborhoods of the city. From the arty north African influenced district of Belle de Mai, to the oldest district of the city Le Panier, which shows the great history of the city. When coming to Joliette one recognizes how this city is innovating itself by merging old and new around the district with the likes of the Museum of European and Mediterranean Culture.

Students and young people are especially to be found in La Fourragère and the trendy Belle de Mai. The northern side of the city is as well generally quite trendy and popular with the younger generations. Whereas the southern parts are more affluent and better for families. One has to be however aware of the touristy spots and navigate accordingly.

Marseille is an extremely old city it was founded approximately 600 BC by Greek settlers and was later taken over by the romans. In 1792 Marseille became known not only from being an old beautiful city but also for having people from the city sing the French national anthem for the first time. It is therefore also called La Marseillaise. As part of the French empire many of the former French colonies around the planet have now reconnected with their former occupiers. As many other European cities also Marseille was occupied by Nazi Germany and was therefore strongly damaged by the efforts to free the city again. The city also contributed to the modern France as we know it today, a multicultural mix of people in the city.


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