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Other for rent in Luik

You have searched for Other for rent in: Luik . More info about other for rent in Luik.
You have searched for Other for rent in: Luik . More info about other for rent in Luik.
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Luik, also called Liége is a city located in eastern Belgium in the crossroads between the Netherlands, Germany and France. With a population of 197,355 (2018) Luik qualifies as the fourth largest city in Belgium.


Luik can be described as a typical large european city with a beautiful balance of modern and progressive 21st century life, and respect of the rich history in the form of perseverance of architecture, traditions etc. 

In Luik, Le Quinze Août, a folklore celebration of the Virgin Mary, takes place annually, 15th of August. The streets are packed with booths selling Mary figurines, delicious nibbles and various other things. Traditional music and dances are performed in different churches, and a series of popular games are conducted. Throughout the year, other folklore festivals take place, and the city is transformed into a meeting place for people all over Europe sharing their love for the different beliefs and traditions and just enjoying themselves in general.


Apart from being home to various festivals, Luik also hosts many football matches, and is home to one of Belgium’s oldest football teams; Standard Liège, who over the years have won seven championships and have built a loyal group of fans across Belgium.


Luik is renowned for its nightlife, with many popular clubs and bars, mainly full of students from the local University of Liège. The university attracts many people every year to either study or work in the city. The large population of students brings life to the city on weekdays, studying in cafés, going on dates in the parks, and just strolling the streets with friends.

Luik is a stunning city to stroll, and the centre is very picturesque. The cobbled streets and countless churches beautifully capture the European atmosphere.


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