Can apartment rent be negotiated?

Can apartment rent be negotiated?

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Apartment rents in the bigger cities are usually high, and sometimes you may find a great apartment that ticks many boxes, but with a rent that exceeds your budget. This often leads apartment searchers to the question “can apartment rent be negotiated?”. 

Negotiating your apartment rent can help you save a lot of money, if done correctly. In many countries and cities there are specific laws that regulate the maximum rent a landlord is allowed to charge. These laws vary depending on the legislation in each country, therefore you should research the circumstances for the specific market in question. In general, such a law means that you are allowed to appeal your rent and take it up in court, if your landlord charges an exorbitant rent and refuses to lower it. In many cases this can be a lengthy and costly process. If the court case is unsuccessful, it is likely that the landlord will find someone else to rent out the apartment to, who is willing to pay more. 

It is always worth a try to negotiate your apartment rent. If you wish to negotiate your rent on your own there are a few things that are more likely to make you succeed. 

Know the market

Be aware of the average rent rates that apply on the market where you are looking for an apartment. In some locations rents are expensive due to high demand and trending areas, whereas in other areas typically outside the city center, rent is lower. Do some research on what other tenants in the same area pay for similar apartments. 

Speak the language

If you are renting an apartment in a country where you don’t speak the language, it can be a huge advantage to get help from someone who does. If not, you can prepare by learning a few useful phrases. This will make the process of negotiating your apartment rent smoother - you will seem more professional and minimize the risk of misunderstandings. 

Show your reliability

You are more likely to succeed with your negotiation if you can prove that you are a reliable tenant. Financial stability is something landlords usually look for, you can show this by e.g. offering to pay a few rents in advance, or signing a long-term lease. Great references from previous landlords or neighbors can also help strengthening your case for negotiating your apartment rent.