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Find available apartments in Lund. are you looking for apartment in Lund, you get a complete overview on this list. Click on the headline on each housing ad to read more. If you are looking for other types of rental housing in Lund than apartments, then use the search function below the map. With an accommodation in Lund you are placed in one of the educational centers of Sweden, full of life and exciting things. Lund is a preferred place for many who are looking for housing.



Lund is a charming city that combines ancient with modern. Lund is a charming and vibrant city full of contrasts. Although the city has a millennial history with beautiful old buildings and cozy cobbled streets, the university with its vibrant student life and innovative environments has left a modern mark on the city. Everywhere there are small cafes and exciting shops with hip fashion and second hand. And then it is just incredibly nice to stroll around Lund, where most of it is in the city center.

Lund is not far between the sights. One of the most visited tourist destinations is the cathedral, but also the open-air museum Kulturen i Lund is popular. Here you can go into the old houses and experience how people lived in the past. Behind the cathedral is the Historical Museum with a large collection of church art. East of the cathedral you will find the botanical garden, which, in addition to holding 7000 different plant species, is an attractive breather for the city's citizens. At Mårtenstorget, Lund's art hall has changing exhibitions of Swedish and Nordic contemporary art in particular.

Lund is the most popular study location in Sweden. Lund University was founded in 1666 and is ranked among the world’s top 100 universities.