Where can I find student housing in Oslo?

Where can I find student housing in Oslo?

Search student housing for rent in Oslo

If you are for example an exchange student studying a semester abroad in Oslo, it can be quite a challenge to find student housing. With the housing market being subject to volatile supply and demand, sometimes you need a bit of luck to find available student housing in Oslo. 

Many universities have campuses where you as an exchange student can apply for student housing. However, student housing is in high demand and many students experience that the places have already been filled up. This lack of student housing leads many students into the private housing market. Norwegian Association of Real Estate Agents (NEF) has reported that the increasing demand for private housing by students, along with a decreasing number of new buildings, has lead to an increase of prices on the housing market. This can be challenging especially for students and other people with low income.

Therefore, it can be a good idea to get a good overview of your options, to make sure that you have your student housing in Oslo secured before your studies begin.

There are different websites that offer a complete overview of the housing market in Oslo. These websites contain ads from private landlords, housing companies and real estate companies. These websites can be very helpful to find the student housing you are looking for. 

At Housingtarget.com you can get a complete overview of available student housing right here.