Where can I find help for housing in Aarhus?

Where can I find help for housing in Aarhus?

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In this overwhelming housing market it is very likely that you might be wondering “where can I find help for housing in Aarhus”. Aarhus consist of the following different areas: Aarhus C, Aarhus N, Aarhus V, Brabrand, Egå, Hasselager, Højbjerg, Risskov, Tilst, Tranbjerg J, Viby J, Åbyhøj. Aarhus is a popular city for accommodation and studies, meaning that the available housing is at a high demand.

There are several actions you can take in this regard. First of all you can join Facebook groups that share housing offers in Aarhus. Many of these groups publish posts with housing offers every single day, so pay close attention to these and make sure to contact everyone with interesting housing at their disposal.

Use your network and social channels to your advantage. Maybe some of your friends and family have an apartment you can sublease? Maybe you and your friends can share an apartment and the rental costs? It is always a good idea to think in creative ways since this will help you and increase your chances of finding housing in Aarhus.

Since Aarhus is a student city it also consists of dormitories. Consider if a dormitory might be relevant for your situation. You can find dormitories with both standalone apartments (including en suite kitchen and bathroom) and dorm rooms with shared common kitchen and toilet. Some of the great advantages of hall of residences or dormitories is the social and educational environment. Furthermore these housings have been built with a student’s needs and finances in mind.