What is the average rent for a two room apartment in Helsinki?

What is the average rent for a two room apartment in Helsinki?

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If you are looking for the answer to the question “What is the average rent for a two room apartment in Helsinki?”, you have entered the right place. In this section we have gathered tips and tricks that will help you on your housing journey.

The average rent for a two room apartment in Helsinski differs due to different aspects. First of all you need to take the location in to consideration. Outside the city center of Helsinki the apartments are normally a bit more affordable. Secondly the size of the apartment affects the price as well – usually the bigger the apartment the higher the expenses. There are some exceptions though. For instance you might be able to find an apartment with many square meters a bit outside the center of Helsinki for the same price as a smaller one with location in central Helsinki.

Furthermore the condition of the apartment makes a difference when it comes to setting the renting costs. A new construction is usually more expensive than an older one but may hold higher maintenance expenses such as heat.
At local websites such as infofinland.fi it is stated that most apartments with two bedrooms and a kitchen in Helsinki has a cost of EUR 800-1,100 per month and homes with 3 rooms and a kitchen has renting expenses around EUR 1,000-1,500 per month.

Remember to make a budget so you know what your absolute maximum amount is. You can also consider sharing an apartment with some friends or if sublet might be relevant for you.

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