What is private rental housing?

What is private rental housing?

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It can be difficult to understand the conditions of different types of rental housings on the market. A common question for housing seekers to ask is “what is private rental housing?”.

Private rental housing is usually rented out by a private person, not a company or public institution, and is often legally owned by the landlord. When you rent housing from a private person it means that you enter into a legal agreement with the private landlord. Each country have their own laws and regulations concerning private rental housing. This is why you are always advised to research about the specific rules that apply in the country you are about to enter a rental contract in. In this way you can be certain that the contract you are signing follows the legislation relating to private rental housing.

When renting a private housing the contract is legally binding and should clearly state the terms of the lease, such as rental period, size of housing, rent amount, possible deposit or prepaid rent and agreements regarding bills. The market for private rental housing is huge and very competitive. As a tenant you should always be cautious of potential scammers that have the intention to fool people by charging exorbitant rents.

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