What are good websites to find apartments in Reykjavik?

What are good websites to find apartments in Reykjavik?

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If you are wondering “What are good websites to find apartments in Reykjavik”, then you need to look no further. In this section we will cover this subject for you.

The housing market in Reykjavik can be a bit overwhelming. You can search for apartments in Reykjavik at different places and institutions. There are some local authorities who distribute some apartments you can apply for if you are a citizen of Reykjavik. Research on which departments might be relevant for you and how long the waiting time is.

There are also plenty of different housing companies that have great rental apartments at their disposal. You can search the internet, apply for waiting lists and subscribe to Housingtarget.com. You will get a full and extensive overview of available apartments for rent in Reykjavik on Housingtarget.com. We provide you with an upper hand in terms of a notification service that lets you know right away when anything that matches your criteria becomes available.

Besides that, one of the best and most common ways to find housing is Facebook. Facebook is often an easy way, but not always the safest. Also remember to let your network know that you are searching for an apartment to rent in Reykjavik. You can also search for housing through advertisements on the websites of daily newspapers. Since demand is often high it is a good idea to get in touch as soon as an advertisement appears.

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