How to find available apartments in Oslo?

How to find available apartments in Oslo?

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Oslo is the capital of Norway and a very popular destination for tourists, students and expats who come to stay for long or short term. As in most big cities, the housing market is competitive and it makes it difficult to figure out how to find available apartments in Oslo. 

The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) has stated that due to the growing population and lack of new residences, the housing market is out of balance. This also affects the prices, which are increasing rapidly.

However, in most cases it should be possible to find an apartment, but you also can’t be too picky. The best way to find in apartment is to keep yourself updated. Join Facebook groups for available apartments in Oslo, look for available apartments on housing portals or use personal connections to find out if they know of anything available. Most leases in Norway are signed at least on a one-year basis, so you have to know more or less how long you want to stay in Oslo. Also keep in mind that expats are often required to pay 3 months rent in advance. 

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