How to find an apartment in Copenhagen?

How to find an apartment in Copenhagen?

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Copenhagen is a city that attracts many people each year that want to stay for short or long-term. As the housing market is very competitive, and can be difficult to grasp, many people that move here ask the question “how to find apartment in Copenhagen?”. Here are some advice on how you can find an apartment in Copenhagen. 

High demand

The number of available apartments in Copenhagen has fallen to a record low, both for condominiums and rental apartments. It is therefore extremely difficult to find an apartment in Copenhagen if you do not have the right contacts. Demand for rental apartments has been so high in recent years, that the apartments are gone only a few hours after being advertised. Most rental apartments in Copenhagen are offered via non-profit housing companies with waiting lists. On these waiting lists, you must on average wait up to 26 years before being offered an apartment. It is therefore somewhat difficult to find an apartment in Copenhagen that is relatively cheap. Therefore, the best way is to stay updated on various online housing portals where it is expected that apartments will be advertised. gives you the opportunity to constantly stay updated about the apartments that are offered in the area you wish to live in. A good start is also to make your social circle aware of that you are looking for an apartment in Copenhagen.

Follow this link to search for available apartments at that are available in Copenhagen right now.

Condominiums (Ejerlejligheder)

A condominium is another opportunity to find an apartment in Copenhagen. The condominiums are, like the rental apartments, high in price - and the price has also increased greatly in recent years. However, condominiums are more easily accessible compared to rental housing. Condominiums can be found on, at real estate agents and in Facebook groups. 

Cooperative housing (Andelsboliger)

Cooperative housing is in many respects known as the cheaper alternative to owner-occupied housing, as you usually get about 20% more square meters for the same price. Cooperative housing, like the other types of housing in Copenhagen, has experienced a large increase in demand, which has led to a lot of the cooperative housing being sold within only a few days of being advertised. However, this is also one option to find an apartment in Copenhagen by searching previously mentioned sites.