How to find an apartment in Amsterdam?

How to find an apartment in Amsterdam?

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As an expat or new resident moving to Amsterdam it can be a real challenge to find an apartment. The housing market in Amsterdam has many different options that can seem overwhelming to understand. The question of “how to find an apartment in Amsterdam?” is therefore frequently asked. 

Low supply and high demand 

In the central, and most popular parts of Amsterdam, there is a significant shortage of housing. The market is also steered by public housing companies with controlled rents and a few big players such as housing agents and landlords. In general the rental housing market is divided into two categories; social housing and private sector rentals.

Social Housing (sociale huurwoningen)

To qualify for social housing in Amsterdam you can only have a certain maximum annual income, and you need to register at a housing corporation such as ‘de Alliantie’, ‘Eigen Haard’ or ‘Stadgenoot’. Waiting lists for social housing can be almost a decade long and only a limited amount of apartments is offered each year. Therefore, social housing is likely not the best solution for how to find an apartment in Amsterdam.

Private Rental Market ( huurwoningen)

The private housing sector accounts for only 5-10 % of the market in Amsterdam and is usually the best way for new residents to find an apartment in Amsterdam. The market price for private rental apartments is constantly rising, and the high prices can be very difficult to afford for people earning a middle income. The best option is to search for an apartment in Amsterdam via online housing portals and by joining Facebook groups where most private people advertise. Alternatively, you can contact a professional housing agency that knows the market well, and you will likely have to pay a service fee.

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