How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Odense?

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Odense?

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There are many different aspects to consider, if you are wondering “how much does it cost to rent an apartment in Odense”. First of all Odense is consisting of different areas: Odense C, Odense M, Odense N, Odense NV, Odense NØ, Odense S, Odense SV, Odense SØ and Odense V.
The different locations has an impact on the renting prices. The apartments located in central Odense is of course a bit more expensive than the ones that are placed a bit further out.

At webpages such as you can investigate living costs in different cities – including rent costs in Odense. Odense is generally a little less expensive to live in compared to other main cities in Denmark such as Copenhagen or Aarhus.

Also size and condition has an impact of the renting costs. The bigger the apartment the higher the expenses in most cases. Although you might be able to really get value for money if you place yourself a bit further from central Odense since the price per sqauare meter is lower the further away from center you get.

If you follow this link you can create a search ad on If you do so you will receive with a notification by email when an apartment in your price range becomes available.

This will make your search for rental apartments in Odense way easier. Instead of spending several hours on different housing webpage searching for the right apartment, you have an automated service that screens the whole market for you and let you know right away when apartments that are relevant for you becomes available.