How do I find an apartment in Stockholm?

How do I find an apartment in Stockholm?

Search apartments in Stockholm

If you are wondering “how do I find an apartment in Stockholm”, you can be thrilled and calm to know that we in this section have collected tips and tricks to help you on your housing journey.

The housing market in Stockholm can be a bit overwhelming. The demand for rental apartments is very high but you don’t need to worry, we got you covered. Stockholm consists of the following areas: Stockholm City, Djurgården, Hammarbyhamnen, Kungsholmen, Östermalm, Södermalm, Stockholm South, Vasastaden and Stockholm West.

First of all you need to consider what area you of Stockholm you want to live in. Research the pros and cons of different locations and start your search afterwards.

You can search for apartments in Stockholm at different places and institutions. First of all the local authorities distribute some apartments you can apply for if you are a citizen in Stockholm. Research which departments might be relevant for you and how long the waiting time is.
Secondly there are plenty of different housing companies that has great rental apartments at their disposal. Search the internet, apply for waiting lists and subscribe to and get a full and extensive overview of available apartments for rent in Stockholm.

Remember to let your network know that you are searching for an apartment to rent in Stockholm and use social channels such as Facebook in your search for housing in Stockholm. Follow this link to see available apartments for rent in Stockholm at this very moment.