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Thinking about moving to Denmark?

Friday 21. October 2022

Looking for housing in Denmark, we made a small overview using a Danish housing portal. Obviously rental housing is beside buying a housing solution the most effective way to care for an accommodation. Specifically, if you are just moving to Denmark, it is a safe option to make a quick search into apartment for rent in Denmark.

Denmark has strong urban centers where it can be competitive to find available rental homes. But even there with a bit of patience you can find rental housing in Copenhagen or rental housing in Aarhus, which are the nation’s two biggest urban centers.


Rental Housing Copenhagen

If you are searching for an apartment for rent in Copenhagen. Copenhagen has a competitive market, as the most populous city of Denmark it can be tough to find the right rent apartment in Copenhagen. An apartment in Copenhagen is usually also more expensive than in some of the other cities of the country such as if you would search for rental housing in Roskilde or rental housing in Næstved.

You can also go to the other side of the country to the second largest populous urban center.


Rental Housing Århus

The second biggest Danish city and the biggest of Jylland. Aarhus is a popular city for students and professionals alike. During the last years more business has moved away from Copenhagen towards Aarhus to spread the population more across the country. Therefore, it can also be tough to find an apartment in Aarhus.

But as suggested in the Copenhagen text there are also other cities that one could look into. On Jylland you could look for a rental housing in Aalborg or an apartment in Aalborg.

If you want to live between the two, you can find Fyn. The childhood home of famous H.C. Andersen is placed in Fyns biggest city Odense. You should search for rental housing in Odense or Apartment in Odense.


How to find Student Housing in Denmark?

Most students in the big cities are going for a room for rent, since these are usually cheaper than a whole apartment. If you have however a fitting budget you can also search for rental of apartment and try your luck in finding a beautiful fitting new home. Depending on your situation you might also qualify for a “acute Housing” solution. This form gives you the possibility at many waiting lists for rooms etc. to skip significant parts of the lists and increases your chances of finding an accommodation faster. However, the rules are often strict concerning the circumstances to fulfill this. Since student housing is usually close to universities it is highly competitive and also expensive but some students, specifically outside of the big cities are also collecting together and organize a house for rent which they then share. However, this solution is not often seen anymore, since landlords usually want more stable tenants.